On the art of representing and designing gardens on paper

Palais Brongniart / Petit auditorium, 1st floor

The Salon du dessin has been holding annual International Symposia since 2006 and has chosen the art of gardens and nature as its theme for 2022 and 2023.

The symposium will be chaired by French Academician Pierre Rosenberg; its scientific director is Monique Mosser.

Free access for visitors to the Salon du dessin, within the limits of available places.

Wednesday May 18th

2.30 PM - 6.00 PM

Thursday May 19th

2.30 PM - 6.00 PM

Curator of the Department of Prints and Drawings (17th-century French, Italian and Spanish schools) at the Louvre
"Gardens on paper in the Louvre: sketching a horticultural semiology."


Vice president of the Associazione Parchi e Giardini d’Italia, Rome
"Francesco Bettini and the diffusion of the Anglo-Chinese garden: the discovery in the Archivio Doria Pamphilj of the work of an inspired amateur in Paris and Rome.”


Alexandre LEDUCQ
Curator of manuscripts and printed matter, Beaux-Arts de Paris, and Julie Tyrlik, heritage restorer, specialist in books and graphic arts, Atelier Coralie Barbe
"The Tractatus de Herbis, a beautifully illustrated 15th-century treatise on medicinal plants: history and latest discoveries.”


Gabriela LAMY
Research officer, Trianon Gardens Service, Palace of Versailles
"French Guiana cited at the Trianon in 1783 in drawings of plants from Le Jardin d'Éden by Pierre-Joseph Buc'hoz."


Laurent CHÂTEL
Professor of British art, culture and visual studies, University of Lille
"English landscape design in the 18th and 19th centuries: designs and drawings."


Lecturer at the École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Versailles, master in historic gardens, heritage, landscape
"Going beyond the model: teaching the art of gardens in the 19th century and the use of plans.”

Director of the music department, Bibliothèque Nationale de France
"Faust’s garden at the Paris Opera."


Monique MOSSER
CNRS honorary engineer, Centre André Chastel, Paris
"The Marquis de Marigny’s portfolio for his estate in Menars: the precious testimony of a lover of gardens and collector of drawings."


Artist and lanscaper
and Hervé BRUNON
Garden and landscape historian, CNRS research director, Centre André Chastel, Paris
"Et in Arcadia ego : garden, drawing, lanscape"


Art and garden historian, writer
"The fate of a drawing/design by Le Nôtre: the Meudon grotto flowerbed as an example of the circulation of people, artworks and ideas on a European scale."


Viviane MESQUI
Heritage curator, collections of 18th- century French and European porcelain, fine earthenware and glass, Sèvres–Manufacture et Musées Nationaux
"The power of flowers: a collection of 18th- century decorative models at Sèvres."


Isabelle LEVÊQUE

Landscape architect and garden historian, director of park, garden and landscape studies in Maine-et-Loire
"André Leroy (1801-1875): from horticulture to planning parks and gardens, an exceptional collection of drawings from an emerging profession.”