The Salon du dessin is celebrating
its 30th anniversary

at the Palais Brongniart
on July 1-4, 2021


The Salon du dessin is always a key event for the art market, but this 2021 edition is particularly important. After the last-minute cancellation of the March 2020 edition and various postponements in 2021, the maintenance of the Salon du dessin - at a more favorable period in terms of the health restrictions - is an accomplishment in itself and a superb opportunity for all those involved. The organizers are of course glad that collectors, art enthusiasts and dealers will at last be able to meet at a drawing fair. We are grateful that dealers have stuck with us despite the numerous obstacles and we are delighted that they are so eager to participate in the fair says the fair’s President, Louis de Bayser.

The Salon du dessin will therefore be celebrating its 30th anniversary from 1 to 4 July in the gilded atmosphere of the Palais Brongniart, its location for the last eighteen years. Thirty-three galleries will be present with an additional 9 in the Salon du dessin ONLINE (versus 39 normally).

The live fair will be completed by an ONLINE version allowing galleries that have been unable to travel a chance to participate. Each gallery can exhibit up to 15 pre-vetted works on the platform that will randomly present some 500 drawings, offering visitors the pleasure of discovery, as if they were strolling through the fair in person.

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