Director: Louis de Bayser

69 rue Sainte Anne
75002 Paris

Phone: +33 1 47 03 49 87


DE BAYSER SA was founded by Patrick and Rose-Anne de Bayser in 1936.

It has since then provided drawings to collectors, helping them to make their choice, and to French and international museums searching for rare pieces.

The gallery presents a large selection of drawings, framed or loose, ranging from the sixteenth to the twentieth century in all European schools.

Bruno & Thérèse de Bayser and their sons now run this family gallery.

Jean Baptiste Greuze
(Tournus 1725 - Paris 1805)

Young woman in mourning

40x32 cm
Study for the figure on the left of the painting The Punished Son painted in 1778 and kept in the Louvre Museum