Directors: Pierre Lorquin and Alexandre Lorquin

36 rue Jacob
75006 Paris

Phone: +33 (0)1 42 60 23 18

On the advice of Matisse and Jeanne Bucher, Dina Vierny, Maillol's last model, decided to open a gallery in 1947. She moved to 36 rue Jacob, a former "bougnat" transformed into a wooden case by Auguste Perret.

The gallery became famous in Paris thanks to a first Maillol exhibition, and then asserted itself with exhibitions of Rodin, Henri Laurens, Matisse... Dina Vierny met Serge Poliakoff and organized his first important exhibition in 1951. This was followed by exhibitions of the Vollard suite of Picasso, Kandinsky, Pougny, Dufy, Doucet, Charchoune, Gilioli, Couturier or Zitman. The gallery owner then became enamored with the modern primitives and exhibited Bauchant, Bombois, Eve, Desnos, Racoff, Rimbert, Séraphine de Senlis and Vivin. In the early 70s, she travels to the Soviet Union where she discovers Kabakov, Boulatov, Yankilevsky and Oscar Rabin. She smuggled their works out of Russia and organized the famous exhibition Russian Avant-Garde - Moscow 73.

Always driven by this same eclecticism, the gallery was then directed by Olivier Lorquin, son of Dina Vierny, who left his place to his two sons, Pierre and Alexandre Lorquin, in January 2021. The latter are now reorienting the gallery's strategy towards impressionism, modern and post-war art, diversifying the list of artists.

This global project aims to present ambitious new exhibitions at the gallery and outside the walls, but also to set up a series of publications related to these exhibitions, and to develop a strong identity within the community of international galleries.

Galerie Dina Vierny

Since 2021, the gallery has presented numerous exhibitions dedicated to Maillol (Maillol, the Free Form, Maillol Heritage), Séraphine, Judit Reigl (Judit Reigl: First Abstraction), Ra'anan Levy (Ra'anan Levy - Prints, Tribute to Ra'anan Levy), Émile Gilioli (GILIOLI), the Modern Primitives (Blue-Red-Yellow, the Palette of the Modern Primitives). In 2023, the gallery presents an exhibition dedicated to Robert Couturier and Germaine Richier under the curatorship of Valérie Da Costa, Couturier - Richier: a sculptural friendship (10.02.23 - 22.04.23).

Since 2022, the Dina Vierny Gallery is pleased to sign its return to many leading fairs, such as BRAFA in Brussels, or Art Paris and the Salon du Dessin in the French capital.

Aristide MAILLOL (1861-1944) Marie allongée 1940 Sanguine et fusain rehaussé de craie sur papier

Aristide MAILLOL

Dina allongée

Sanguine and charcoal enhanced with chalk on paper
64 x 133 cm