Director: Antoine Tarantino

38 rue Saint Georges
75009 Paris

Phone: +33 1 40 16 42 38


Located in the “New Athens” area of Paris, next to the Church of Notre Dame de Lorette, Antoine Tarantino has a passion for Italian Old Masters drawings and paintings and archaeology.

He offers an evocation of the Italian taste, with classical antiquities alongside Old Masters. These specialities complement each other well, and their association is an identitary mark of the Galerie Tarantino.

A room is especially dedicated to old masters drawings, displaying italian artists of the 16th to the 18th century.

The exhibitions regulary organized by the gallery allow the publication of catalogs involving numerous scholars.

Galerie Tarantino
Galerie Tarantino, Luca GIORDANO, Le Repas chez Simon avec sainte Marie Madeleine

(Naples, 1634 - 1705)

Le Repas chez Simon avec sainte Marie Madeleine 

Pen and brown ink wash on black stone sketch
431 x 431 mm